The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.

Many people questioning why they are unable to complete their tasks even after working for a long time? Some people question why they didn’t have free time? Some people feel the clock is running faster but why they did not complete anything yet. Same question from me I always feel like that clock is running faster when I’m working on a task.

importance of time

All these questions and thinking are related to the term “Time Management”. Most people did not realize the importance of time in their life. How much important time to complete the task and achieve success in life. We are unable to complete the given task at a specific time because we did not prioritize our work in a proper schedule. For example, some people working continuously all day and night but still unable to complete it but, on the other side, some people work only in specific hours or do the same work in such a short time. The reason is that they did not schedule their task and did not set the time limit.

Time Management

I always go through this issue whenever I’m working on my laptop. I always wondering time is running faster whenever I start working. But, later on, I realize the key fact which is Time Management. Before, I did not schedule my task and did not assign a specific time.

There are many reasons which lead to the failure of completing the task in a given time. For example, we did not realize the difference between IMPORTANCE and URGENT. We are unable to decide which thing needs to complete first or which thing can be a delay. Also, we start many things at one time which leads to the failure of completing the task.

“The shorter way to do many things is to only do one thing at a time.” — Mozart

To overcome this issue there is a term that needs to follow called priority. It means we need to decide which thing is important or urgent and can’t be delayed. For this, we need to draw a schedule of things in a matrix form which is called PRIORITY MATRIX. It’ll help us to understand which task needs to complete first.

Priority Matrix

Here I’ll share an example that helps me to realize the importance of time management and how I cover the entire day task in specific hours using Pomodoro and priority matrix. Before I share my example of time management I want to explain the terms “Pomodoro”. Pomodoro is a skill or method which helps to engage oneself with time management by setting a time limit.

Pomodoro Technique

I make my mind to start my work with this skill or you can say method. I decide to complete my online course at a specific time. For this, I divide it into sections and put a time limit on it like I’ll complete the first section in 25 minutes. I put the alarm and start the timer. While working I tried to avoid every possible reason which can distract me from my work. But still, there is confusion in mind an inner chatting which keeps knocking, time is going up you still did not cover anything. In my first attempt, I almost reach near my task but unable to complete it. I found the reason my mind is distracting due to stress and thinking about time limits like time running fast.

“Better to be three hours too soon, than a minute too late.” — William Shakespeare

I again put the time limit for the next section and start working consistently without caring about the time limit. This time again I reached the last step but still unable to complete. This time I found maybe I was unable because I underestimate the section limit and did not set enough time. The third time, I first estimate the section limit and add some extra time. This time I’m successful in completing my task and the interesting thing is that I complete it before the time limit and 3 seconds still remaining in deadline.

Importance of time in the way of success

From this experience, I conclude three things that help me to achieve my goal. First is always add some extra time while setting a time limit, secondly do not give stress to your mind while working and third is avoid distraction as much as you can.

Avoid Distractions in your mind

Time is the most valuable treasure and most of us did not realize its importance. Never think that it’s a natural skill and you can’t adopt it. Just prepare yourself for it and move on. Everything has a first time. If we schedule things and assign a time limit it’ll save 90% of our time. And it is really helpful in achieving smart goals. Time management is a precious skill and we should apply in our life. I found it very helpful and I plan to follow it from now on. Although I did not cover much more work but, I’m able to manage my work in limited time.

Hope that it’ll be helpful in understanding the importance of time management in our daily life. How it reduces our effort and provides us some free time in this competitive and busy life.

Waiting for your precious feedbacks. Good wishes and good luck.



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